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Tammy Venneri


Thank you for listening. I am an award-winning small business owner, SCORE business mentor, web and digital consultant, and songwriter. Growing-up in a blue collar family and then making it to the "C-level" on the corporare side of music management in Nashville and NYC, my life came full circle.

After 17 years of hard knocks and taking notes from some of the best of the industry, life threw a curveball and I went from the city to the sticks, overnight. Leaving my career in the music industry behind, I had to find another way to move forward, and combined my work ethic and interests with my business experience to open a supremely cool shop on Cape Cod, that later grew to five locations. I had a big payroll and employees I felt deeply responsible for, and I learned what not to do, as much as I learned where to put my time and efforts. Thankfully, after COVID, I still had a business that was viable and thriving. and after 13 years I decided to sell it to a key employee.

Now, I am back behind the mic and using all those tough lessons in business to help other creatives and artists flesh-out their ideas and passions to create businesses doing what comes naturally. The Surviving Main Street podcast shares the wisdom of those who have gone before and goes into the trenches behind the scenes to talk mindset, strategy, exploiting our strengths and making peace with our weaknesses. From maximizing your time on social platforms and crreating brand continuity across platforms, to cultivating a loyal following and robust e-commerce channels, I truly understand the challenges, chaos and insecurities. Bootstrapping, minimal resources, trying to manage a synergy between work and a personal life. Tricky stuff! Know you are not alone.

‪(207) 610-0339

Tammy Venneri
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