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Laura Gaetani


Mindset coaching is not therapy. 

We aren’t dissecting the why‘s, or drilling into your past, or attempting to erase anything, or “fix you.’ Through this process you will learn that there is nothing wrong with you! We are looking to build anew. Just like you reprogram a computer, you will have to reprogram your mind and learn how to change perspective and learn how to let go of the negative stories you have been believing your entire life about yourself, and what you are capable of. It is letting go of how long it will take, how much money you will need, and needing to know HOW it will happen and just trusting yourself and trusting the process. 

Understanding mindset is not an easy or overnight thing. It is active work that happens daily, and over time; it is growth through action. Better yet, it is attitude through uncomfortable (but necessary) action.  It is learning how to  build up and use your mental gifts like intuition, imagination, and will. It is building belief in yourself, and faith in the process. Then, it is finding a beautiful synergy in all of these things, and putting them on repeat each day in everything you do.  Mindset is action every dayin those everyday moments, and  mindset in motion creates momentum towards your goal. It is work, but it is worth it! Once you start the work, the universe will hand you intuitive hits on what to do next. I promise, when you start to see what’s possible, by establishing new deep rooted ways of thinking and feeling, amazing things happen.

Everyone needs some sort of mind management on a daily basis. Being in the right headspace is important, and managing that from moment to moment takes work and time. Through this process, you will learn to believe that you are exactly where you need to be. Whether you  are still figuring out what lights you up, or are simply stuck on what to do next towards your business goals, or you are looking to find a new workout plan that actually works, mind management is the key to it all. This works for everything. As Albert Einstein famously said ....”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” It is time to reprogram the things that have been getting you the same results for so long, recreate your map, and recalibrate your internal compass through daily mindset practice. When you realize that the power is within you,  and that you have all the mental tools you need, things will start to shift for you. It is a beautiful thing!

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Laura Gaetani
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