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A 6-month coaching program. Beyond the Day Job, mastering a productive mindset on a road to success.

Service Description

12 SESSIONS w/ WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS and DAILY DOSES. The Mindset Mastery Program w/ Laura Gaetani - Free "Beyond the Day Job" consultant call to unleash your hopes and dreams. - 1-hr, one-on-one consultation calls, scheduled every two weeks for six months. - Weekly guidance with personalized worksheets, assignments, reading materials & resources. - Daily Mindset Mastery motivational messages to keep you on track. - Free access to the Voxer or Marco Polo apps to share thoughts and ask questions between coaching sessions. Life is too short to sit around and wait for change. Being in the right headspace is critical to your productivity and balance, especially when you're feeling bogged down, stretched and like you're flying solo. Our Mindset Mastery Program will help you develop a consistent positive mind-frame that moves you forward, week after week, and in everything you do. Whether you're still figuring-out what "lights you up" or focusing on what comes next, practicing having a healthy mindset is the key. We'll start with a complimentary “Beyond The Day Job” phone call, which will be a working session to open-up the box to your hopes and dreams, and get to know one another to discuss how mindset management provide tools, education and guidance to help you let go of fears and limited beliefs. Training your new mindset isn't easy and it doesn't happen overnight, which is why we created a 6-month Mindset Mastery Program. We will work together on your path to daily action, helping you reach your goals and dreams. You will routinely be exercising your mental gifts, like intuition, curiosity and imagination to create balance and a focused path to synergy. As Albert Einstein said, ”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” It is time to reprogram what's been influencing lackluster results, recreate your life map, and recalibrate your internal compass.

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639 Blacks Woods Rd, Cherryfield, ME, USA

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